"Following Up on Angels" on Oprah . . .

Students were inspired to help an abandoned
baby hundreds of miles away.

Welcome to MY HOUSE!

Because there is need, there is My House. We are a non-profit organization that offers a housing service. We provide transitional housing and a home-like living environment for babies who are ready to leave the hospital but are homeless and have nowhere to go. The technical description of what we do is to assure that the medical and developmental needs of these babies are met- what we really do is love and care for children who need us.

If not for our army of volunteers and the kindness and generosity of many, we would not be able to care for these children.

Because the needs are so great, there are many ways you can help.

  • If you would like to help with donating supplies for My House, please click here to see our wish list.
  • If you would like to sponser a baby, please click here for details.
  • Job and Volunteer opportunities: If you would like to be a volunteer at My House there is no greater reward than seeing a baby grow healthy and happy, please click here for details.

This website can answer your questions about the problems facing some infants in Atlanta, what MY HOUSE does to try to help these children, and how you can help, both with donations and volunteering your time..

We hope to give you a good idea of what MY HOUSE is all about. However, to get a true understanding of the good work being done for Atlanta's children, give us a call at (404) 876-3467 or drop us an email for more information.